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My Mistake


Alice Sarmiento

The Anger deep inside of me,
Locked up in a cage,
But then the lock was then torn off,
And then out came my rage.

I could not help what happened,
It happened in a snap,
And then I saw my sanity,
A tiny little scrap.

You screamed and then you yelled at me,
But I could not be stopped,
It was my giant rage built up,
So I just freakin popped.

I abuse my body,
And everything I see,
And I don't care to what you think,
So let's just disagree.

I hide inside my corner,
And badly start to shake,
I'm tormented by my memories,
Of each of my mistakes.

I hit the ground,
And start to cry,
As I wait,
For my time to die.

You see me there,
And bear a smile,
Yet it's you, my "friend"
The one that's vile.

You kick me down,
And tear me more,
And as I look,
I see my door.

I dodge your blow,
And run away,
Thanks to you,
I've gone astray.

I reach my door,
And then I fall,
Once again,
I feel small.

You pick me up,
And throw me back,
And with that strike,
I start to crack.

I gain my strength,
And I fight back,
You mess with me,
I'll get you back.

I show no mercy,
As you've done to me,
I show you the meaning,
And what it's like to bleed.

I stop and quickly realize,
What it is that I had done,
I did not like this pain I gave,
Though you made it look fun.

I run back to my corner,
And quickly start to shake,
This is one hard memory,
This is one mistake

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