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Split Personality


Alisha Morgan

This feeling is one that I know well. It is as if one is stuck in the middle of one's feelings and cannot make a decision of which feeling to choose. Should one be happy, glad for the ability to breathe and feel all that life has to offer? Or, should one be mad, agitated at the world for whatever reason? I hate this feeling. I want to be happy. I want to talk to my friends; to have the ability of restraining myself when I feel like jumping down their throats. I want to joke around and to not be harsh with words. However, my body seems to feel otherwise.

It seems that my body wants to feel anger, annoyance, and agitation. It wants to confront those that make unnecessary comments. I am not sure why I feel like this. I woke up on the same side of the bed as I usually do.  The weather is just right. I have not been in an argument with anyone lately. I am free from school for two weeks.

What could possibly make me feel like this? It's not even 'that time of the month,' for crying aloud!

Feel the anger?

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