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Thank God I Am Female


Andrea Doherty

As women we must remember that we are the superior sex! We have been held down and convinced by our society, culture, and the media that we are inferior to males. Some women actually believe what has been instilled in us for centuries -  that females are incapable of supporting themselves without a male in their lives.

So to those females I say this:

Not only as women are we capable of supporting ourselves, but our bodies are capable of “supporting” physically another human being inside of our anatomy. Our wombs are designed to hold another human being, our breasts swell with milk to sustain another life, so that our child may be fed. Our bodies are designed to “SUPPORT”!!! Women who believe they cannot support themselves without a male, will never understand the beauty and importance of being female. As women it is our duty to remind other women and inform female children how important & beautiful our sex is! Freud said, women suffer from penis envy, I hope you will agree with me in saying I envy nothing about the male penis. I AM PROUD TO BE FEMALE, with a womb, ovaries, and breasts. I AM FEMALE THE DELIVERER OF LIFE, I can and will support myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, without feeling inferior because I don’t depend on or share my life with a male. ---- Stand up and don’t be held down by society, we have been repressed into believing these myths for way too long!

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