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Good Enough


Chantel Rasmussen

You cut me with your words,
and cuss me with your slurs,
you tell me that it's true,
even though I'd break my back for you,
I try so hard to bite my tongue,
but it isn't easy being young,
I try to ignore what you say,
and pretend it's just a game you play,
but I can't ignore the laughs,
after you've cut my soul in half,
you say I'm not good enough,
you say I'm outta luck,
I try to say you're jealous,
you wish that you were me,
I try to pretend you're jealous,
but the memories just won't leave,
I wish that I could make you see,
the pain that you cause,
I wish that I could make you see,
that lost confidence is my cost,
I'm not good enough,
to sing in the real world,
you have to be emotionally tough,
to be accepted as a girl,
you disregard the pain,
that fills in my eyes,
and you ignore the agony,
when I start to cry,
don't look at the tears,
that are streaking down my face,
forget all the years,
I've tried to be a grace,
so I'm not good enough you say?
that I can't handle pain?
I wish that I could make you see,
that I'll make it there someday!

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