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Truth Hurts


Cinnamon Brown

I think I have told this story a thousand times but I do not mind telling it each time..

    Once upon a time there was a young girl who was abandoned by love.. Everyone that she thought loved her left her.. She was forced to try to find love outside of the circle of people that she knew as her family,, She loved to write but the pen and page never loved her back , also the critics were not on her side no one believed that a 13 year old could have truly experienced so much grief..

    So she went searching eventually she stumbled upon a man truly a man too.. She was a baby and needed the comfort and guidance of an older individual who could guide her and encourage her.. What she was not then aware of was that there is love the patient, virtuous, unselfish, genuine emotion that you carry with you everyday and that true love was always reciprocated... Then there was infatuation the emotion that makes you see no wrong it is very selfish sometimes dishonest its a facade a mirage you see what you want to see not what is truly there.

    So in her quest for love she becomes infatuated with a man.. This man becomes her everything she starts to continue to exist only on account of this man (there was no life because if you live in the shadow of someone else you are not being yourself and to not be yourself is not a part of life therefore you are not living only existing) anyhow after a while she started to see the world around her move she started getting a sense of what healthy relationships were supposed to be like however she did not have the courage to leave the situation how could she this man gave her all she thought that she needed at that time.. By the time she gained up the strength to go she was pregnant.

    Too young to know what to do she hid her pregnancy for nine months and gave birth to a baby boy at the tender age of 15. At that time she could have backed out gave up but she didn't.. She finished school went to community college worked everyday and took care of her baby.. She continued to look for love in all the wrong places and eventually became a closet alcoholic .....

    Then one day she read a book that changed her life (i don't know if i can say the name of the book and the author but if your curious hit my e-mail) she decided to begin a love affair with herself she learned what she liked not what people thought she should like she learned what made her happy what made her sad and most of all she learned to love herself.. However in all that she still was missing something.. Then another ironic thing happened that man called her..

    You know how they say people never change well that's a bold faced lie because she had changed and one would guess that the man had did a little reinventing of his own because he realized that he had missed out on a very good thing and wanted to be with her and wanted to work things out and make it right .. He wanted to get to know her and start all over again.. Because she now loved herself she could see past the other crap and choose what was good for her and what wasn't .. They fell in love for real not that fake convenience that they had the first time but true undying love....

    But wait that aint even it!!! You would think that my girl was happy yet and still there was something missing she forgot that none of this would be possible if it were not for GOD Himself the GREAT I AM ...When she accepted GOD into her life mountains begin to move things began to happen walls were broken burdens were lifted she learned that through all this GOD always had a plan.. He always loved her she just had to go through the trials in order to be victorious... Now that's the end ....

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