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Drunk People are Great


Corinne Grech-Linkous

I love going home to visit my family. It goes without saying how much I love to see them. There are added benefits to going home too. I'm able to drive around and not get lost. I know where every shoe store, coffee shop, and book store is located, and very importantly, I have friends to catch up with.

Going out with friends typically involves drinks and maybe some dancing. Almost always I choose to be the designated driver. "You're missing out," you say? "Ha," I say!

It's not usually my friends who provide the drunken spectacles, it's often the people I recognize from somewhere...maybe from high school (like people I didn't like then, and I still don't like now), maybe former boyfriends or friends or former boyfriends.

For instance, this one guy I remember from high school was trashed by the time I got to this bar at 11:30 P.M. I wondered what time he got the party started. Because everybody knows the clubs/bars don't get hot till 11:45, at least that's what r&b singer Tyrese says.

In order to truly feel good about myself, I watch the drunk people dance while trying to maintain some sort of rhythm while holding a beer and a cigarette. And I like to watch one random drunk person trying to hump another random drunk person all while trying to keep an air of cool.

Another favorite thing of mine to watch drunk people do is sing. Ahh, yes, karaoke. It never ceases to amaze me that songs which are totally lame while sober instantly turn into karaoke must-sings. It's as if we've turned back the clocks to the Hair Band era, and now one person on the half hour is required to sing a Poison, Whitesnake or Motley Crue song.

So today I salute you, my fellow DD's. If anyone wants to truly see some freaky shit, throw a party for all of us DD's, and watch out.

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