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Phantom Planet and Me


Corinne Grech-Linkous

A couple of months ago I decided to subscribe to a music service so I could listen and download music legally. I subscribed to Rhapsody Music. The service is pretty damn good. For the most part they have every artist I search for. I'm disappointed the Foo Fighters haven't agreed to let their music be offered, but anyway...The very first band I searched for was Phantom Planet. I burned "California" first. I first heard that song when I was in Europe, so all my European memories were resurfacing as I was listening to "California."

After I burned it, I played that song before I went to California, while I was in California, and back home when it snows and I wish I was in California. I thought I was so cool listening to Phantom Planet. Here in the mid-west, people seem to either listen to top 40 or country music, so I was all big and bad listening to them. I was introducing people in my circle (as small as it may be) to Phantom Planet. And I think two of my friends may have even bought their cd (I'm eagerly awaiting my royalty check)!

The other night I hear them playing their new single on Letterman. I'm totally into their song "Big Brat," so after watching their performance I check out their website. I'm totally lovin' there site--I mean lovin' it. So I click on the news link to see what is newsworthy, and I about fell out of my new leather desk-chair. I found out their song is used as the theme song for 'The OC.' This was total news to me being that I've never watched the show before. So, now here I was enjoying this song I thought I was "underground," however it's underground to no one. Every freshman in hish school and every middle aged man know that song from watching 'The OC.' At least I still have Robbie Williams to myself. haha. It's my and Europe's little secret. Shhhh...

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