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Crystal Riley

What is this life we live, day to day, in spite of ourselves? The life we base on a materialistic world, and immoral values. This incompetent excuse for a living, breathing society. This petty skin-deep collection of viewpoints on human beauty. What on earth are we living for if we cannot see the beauty deep within each soul, the true essence of brimming, hopeful, serenely challenging life?

What is maturity but a dream, wistful and yet... and yet wasting away, being casually and unnoticeably dissolved in this immature, immoral day and age. Violence and malicious acts and views become the norm... while truth, honesty and deep passionate human forgiveness are pushed as far away as we can manage to push them.

Why? And for what? Where lies the wholehearted, conscious soul giving their heart to another? Where lies the beautiful thing... rather the emotion we once called love? Where is the world's heart? Must we live in a world where the homeless are forgotten and the heartless are welcomed into every home, every mind, every soul?

Is God really so far from our mind that we deviate from the path so clearly traveled in the past, the one we were shown down by Him? Where will God be in the wars, the battles, the plain mockeries of peace in our streets? Will He be in your hearts, your minds, your souls? Will He be the guiding hand that delivers you to safety, or will you turn your back on every gift He ever gave you, namely and specifically, LIFE? Just think about the repercussions of a maddening, heart-hardened existence. Just THINK about it.

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