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Daniel R. Menage

I'm a warrior, not of the gun

Nor the sword, but of the pen.

I fight not with bullets,

But Ink shall be my ammunition.


I choose Peace over Violence,

Life and prosperity over 

Death and Destruction

I believe in peace keeping not policing.


Let the words act as your shield. 

Allow them to swallow your anger,

Take it in and produce only chicken scratches.

Open your soul for the world to see.


I don't wish to kill just to educate.

I have no desire to kill the man next to me,

Just because we have problems, here, 

we bring death to others.


How often must we say it,

For our voices to be heard,

How far must we go,

To make you all drop your weapons.


The higher ups suggest they're right,

Yet so does everyone,

No one knows who's right and who's wrong. 

We've tried your way, now try ours.


Drop your sword and shield,

Trade them in for a pen and paper,

Stop the rivers of red

Let it glide

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