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My Life


Durrell B. Robinson

This is my life.
As seen through my eyes.
From the day I was born,
Until the day that I die.

You will feel my pain,
And you will see my sorrow.
You will learn my past,
And you will see tomorrow.

Born on a Wednesday,
The fourteenth of October,
While my parents were still married,
Still happy and still sober.

As the youngest of four;
In a broken down home,
I knew life would be rough,
As a jagged cliff stone.

After only two years,
I moved from this place.
I didn't like the suburbs.
I had better taste.

Now I live here;
Every day of the week,
In this place I call home,
In this town, Battle Creek.

Soon after this,
I would begin attending school.
No one could call me dumb,
I would not be a fool.

After a rough start in the second,
I zoomed through the rest.
I answered every question,
I aced every test.

Early in the sixth,
Of my elementary years;
I began to do gymnastics.
I began without a fear.

For many years to come,
I would prosper in these two areas.
I felt strong and invincible,
I had no barriers.

As I continued to excel,
I was at the top of my class.
Life was one big game,
And gymnastics was a blast.

After sometime,
my schooling was useless.
It was like a shark eating plankton;
It might as well be toothless.

As for gymnastics,
It was no longer fun.
It was time to be serious;
My childhood was done.

Then there she was,
The girl of my dreams!
I gave her my heart,
I gave her earrings.

But she never said, "Thank you,"
She never said, "Hi."
She never showed kindness,
I never knew why.

Weeks after this,
I was able to meet Tony.
He was mute and Burmese,
With dark hair and quite bony.

I helped teach him English,
I helped him on the tests.
He received an education,
I got most of the stress.

I received advanced education,
And I fought my way through college.
As an aeronautics engineer,
I needed a lot of knowledge.

I starred in the Olympics,
I had a wonderful blast.
I savoured every moment,
In hope that it would last.

As if it were a fairy tale,
I settled down in marriage.
Although I really wanted one,
There would be no baby carriage.

I guess it wasn't meant to be,
For me to have a child.
But it didn't phase our relationship,
For our love kept running wild.

We shared many years of joy and happiness,
Of love that was so great.
But after sometime, the body gives way,
And I was widowed at age eighty-eight.

For sometime I wouldn't get over my loss,
For years I continued to mourn.
But sooner or later my life came together.
And my life was no longer torn.

I spent my last years in awe and amazement,
Of how my life came to be.
Of how I started off as a vibrant young man,
But now I can hardly see.

After only a year, I'd die in my sleep,
It would be a very sad afternoon.
All my relatives would come, and pay their respects,
While the organist plays a slow tune.

Now, that was my life,
As seen through my eyes.
From the day I was born,
Until the day that I died.

You have seen my past
And you have felt my sorrow.
You have learned my past,
And now you know what happens tomorrow - In "My Life."

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