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Old Man


Ehsan Elahi Ehsan

Oh, my children, my sons and daughters

You do not know, do not want to know

Or perhaps cannot know

In this age of childhood

In this age of boyhood

And in this period of youth

That in spite of all your indifference

In spite of your taunting and escaping

In spite of your evading

And in spite of all your stubbornness

And in spite of all your misbehavior

You are the real source of my inspiration

And yours insulting thinking

You may behave any way

Your thoughts, your actions, your dreams

And reactions are always giving me

A feeling in this old age

That I am not all alone

Howsoever lonely I may feel

But, perhaps you do not know

That this old age is a blessing also

That tells you what the life is

That explains to you the knots

That have remained unopened

That all the experiences of this age

Lead you to deduces some ideas

Some thoughts and some precepts

That remains hidden before

That only reveals them in this age

This is the age, where man,

Stands on a high rock, and sees

All the things going before him

In the form of a procession, he is able to know

Those points in life

Which have shaped or misshaped him

But Alas! He remains to tell of these things only

You may listen or not listen to him.

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