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Heidi Yang

What is perfect?
Whatís your definition or the definition of such a word?
Who in the world can live up to such a definition, does anybody even care about perfect anymore?
Of course we do, itís everywhere supposedly; in a magazine, on t.v., the radio, everywhere.
But what if there were no such thing as such perfect?
What if there were no expectations or pressure put on any of us to be perfect?
What if that word wasnít defined by so many things, or not all by whatís in our lives?
What if there were no definition of the word perfect, what if perfect didnít exist anymore?
Would we get along better, think more or less of ourselves and each other?
If the concept of perfect was somehow erased from our conciseness as a whole, would we even
Of course we would, it has become so ingrained in every one of us, from the smallest baby to the
oldest man, we should be, we have to be, we all strive be, we hurt ourselves over and over again
every time we try to be, perfect.
Would we still want to be perfect if there was no such thing?
I think we would.
But would our definition of such a word be different?
Would we even use a different word or would we still use the word perfect to describe something
or someone with seemingly no flaws?
But let me tell you a secret, even perfect has itís limitations.
Perfection could be achieved by some people right?
Wrong, they only seem to be perfect.
Perfection may never be achieved, and if it is I think it will be with clones, or robots perhaps?
But for us humans perfection is the ultimate goal is it not?
But what kind of goal is this if itís unattainable?
Is it so wise to strive for something thatís not possible to achieve?
Or maybe Iím wrong, and we can all achieve perfection.
Perhaps what Iíve written doesnít matter at all and we should all strive, hurt, yearn for be
perfect. Could perfection possibly be a good thing? Instead of bad?
Perhaps my poem and my opinion do not matter to anyone
But then again, perhaps they do,
Maybe perfection can be attained by man after all,
Perhaps Iím lying,
But then again maybe Iím not,
Maybe we should all try extra hard to be something weíre not or donít want to be
We should lower or raise our expectations and live to up othersí only,
Perhaps someday, (maybe someday soon even) we can all be perfect.

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