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The Cycle of Spring


Heidi Yang

Spring is near, I can feel the warmth coming closer,
Spring is like a new baby who has just been born,
The flower starts a small seed and has roots to have a foundation, to help it grow,
People take care of the flower watering it, making sure it gets enough sun,
The new baby is a seed as well, it does not grow roots, but cannot yet talk,
People take care of it, making sure it gets enough food and water, and is raised in the proper environment,
As the flower grows it becomes a green stalk with leaves,
As the baby grows it begins to develop a voice, a personality,
Soon the flower blooms and is quite beautiful,
people admire it for it’s beauty, and say, “How lovely, what a pretty flower,”
As the baby becomes a child and then a teenager, they too bloom and people say, “How nice, you have such a good son (or daughter),”
But then the flower begins to lose its petals, its beauty,
The child soon becomes an adult, and the rose-colored glasses come off,
they have seen things that make them cold and cruel,
The flower eventually wilts and dies, leaving nothing behind
but an empty green stalk,
The adult withers and grows old, but leaves behind a family,
and lives long enough to see one last season of spring,
She gives something to her children, a simple seed,
The old woman is gone now, and so is the flower,
but the children soon plant the seed,
The cycle of spring, of life begins again.

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