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Jenn Van Massenhoven


Now, really, who the heck believes in God? 

Well, I do. Didnít always, I believed in re-incarnation, Edgar Cayceís prophecies and that people were almost always hiding a cruel streak. The Faith came upon me suddenly. Rather like a light bulb blinding you after youíve been lying in the dark. Oh Iím not saying Iíve suddenly become a bible-thumper. Not a chance; I also believe in live and let live. 

I had always believed in the possibility that there was a higher power. Not so much God, I really detested all those TV evangelists telling us to pay them so we can believe or be healed. Unbelievable. Even more so are the people that believe in them. Now, donít get me wrong! I think people are great, gullible or not, and if you want to believe in TV evangelists, well, they must have SOME truth to them somewhere. I just canít see it. Ah well, back to my story. 

Itís been almost 7 years now since I was whacked upside the head by the Hand. It happened when I met my hubby. It took a lot longer than that for me to admit it though. I donít change my mind easily, despite being a woman. A friend of mine, who happened to be dating Dennisís cousin, decided that what I needed to make me happy was a good old-fashioned farm boy, like hers. So they, the cousin was in on it, decided to set me up with their friend Bill. An old friend of Markís, the cousin. So they drag me off for a day at an amusement park. 

Bill, Dennis [my hubby btw], Dennisís brother and his girlfriend all get out of the car. Now weíre all here and the  introductions were waiting. 

Sue, the friend, and I were walking towards the car when Dennis started walking up to us with his arms open and yelling ďJenn!Ē I thought he was nuts. Why was he calling my name? Sue told me he had called HER that, Jenn was Markís ex-girlfriend! Dennis was in deep doo-doo. I felt sorry for him. He and I fell head over heels for each other, right then and there. 

My first miracle. 

I got pregnant and Dennis said he would be there, no matter what. Our relationship was 9 months old. So, when our couplehood is 18 months old we have a squalling little boy. Who almost didnít make it. The cord was wrapped around his neck 3 times. He survived. 

My second miracle. 

Dennis and I said "I do." My third miracle. 

Then we found out I have fibromyalgia. Dennis said, for better or worse was what I promised, Iíll be here. 

My fourth miracle. 

My daughter is my fifth. 

Well, technically, thatís not true. Every day is a miracle. Sheís my fifth major miracle. 

So now I believe in God, reincarnation, Edgar Cayceís prophecies, and that people are inherently good. 

I believe in God. Who doesnít? 

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