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The Intoxication Of Intimacy


Jim Ciccolini

Your soft, warm breaths against my breast
assure me that I have been blessed.
Your tender hand upon my chest
soothes me into a peaceful rest.

Deeply, I gaze into your eyes
which shine a love nurtured and wise.
My heart flutters at your soft sighs;
unbreakable are these, our ties.

My hand grazes your tender cheek,
saying more than I'd hope to speak.
My heart is strong; my mouth is weak,
but I know that you are who I seek.

My lips now brush across your own,
and I peer into the unknown.
In each new moment I am shown
how close together we have grown.

Against yours do I rest my head,
dreaming of the day we'll wed.
Within the safety of this bed,
all of my heart's hungers are fed.

The rest of this night I will keep
you in an embrace, warm and deep,
and, as we drift off into sleep,
slumbering tears of joy we'll weep.

In the morning, when I awake,
your gaze will cause my soul to shake.
Fear not for all the vows we make;
it's far too real for us to fake.

Days like this do make me think
that love is like some soothing drink.
Between us is a solid link:
a vessel that shall never sink.

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