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What If


Jo Ann Mann

What if today I knew everyone that I met was going to die? Knowing this, what would I do differently? Would I give the beggar in the gutter my last dollar? If I had a friend in the hospital would I go hold her hand? Would I curse the stranger on the freeway who cut me off if I knew that this person would be killed up the road ahead or would I say a quick prayer for God to bless him?

The checker at the grocery store will die today; will I say something to make her smile? Will I gripe at her about the prices or say something to hurt her feelings? What if I knew my child was going to die today? Would I hold him closer, read him one more story or tell him one more time how much I love him? What if today was your parents last day on earth? Would you be kind and patient and let them know how much you appreciate all that they have given to you? What if you knew that you would lose your spouse today? Would you argue with him or her about the bills? Would you instead stop and pick them up a rose at the store to give them? Would you cook their favorite meal and tell them how much you love them?

Even men and women on death row get to choose their favorite last meal. Would you be kinder to all those who you know will die today? What if today was our last day on earth? Would we spend it any differently? Would we spend our last day being kind to others and making the day count? What if everyone lived as if they would never see that person again here on earth?

Would we live each day with the true meaning of what Christís Birthday really means!

Peace on earth and Good Will to All Men!

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