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Jonathan Isenor

The town of Grova was in flames as Tidus stood face to face with an evil figure,
The figure was dressed in a black cloak,
His long silver hair dangled onto his shoulders,
Looking in his empty gray eyes made Tidus' heart sink into his stomach,
Tidus wasn't alone though,

Chrome his best friend was right there behind him,
The bond between the two would prove to be too much for the evil,
Peace returned to Grova,
One day a stupid argument took place and it resulted in devastation,
Chrome and Tidus went their separate ways,
This was a permanent change,

The evil would re-emerge,
Tidus quested alone after the evil in hopes of defeating it again,
Only something was missing,
He felt empty,
In the final battle the evil proved to be too strong for him to handle,
Tidus hung on the edge of a mountain,

He closed his eyes fearing soon he'd slip and fall to his death,
Then he heard a scream,
Tidus reopened his eyes only to see Chrome with his hand extended,
Although they had a stupid fight Chrome just like in the first of the quest was right there behind Tidus
the whole time,
The way real best friends should be.

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