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Krystal Jackson

I'm in the hole again 
Trying to fight it out 
I can't find the light 
I have my great big doubts 

I'm in the black deep sea 
I can't find the shore 
I've lost myself in the water 
My breath is getting short 

I'm behind the closet door 
I'm locked in with a key 
They've locked me up again 
Why can't they let me be free? 

They took away my freedom 
They gave me all this pain 
You'll find me in the meadow 
Where I'll be slain 

I will find that place someday 
I'll walk with my bare feet 
No shoes, No socks, No sandals 
Where friends and family can meet 

That grass will go right through my skin 
It will become a part of me 
A part of my mind, my heart, my soul 
A part that They won't let be 

So I ask you now, HELP ME!
I need to get out of here  
If you can't help me then help the others 
I can hear the pleading near.

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