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Michael Buchanan

On the last day of Muzzeloading it was me, my Grandpa, and my Uncle who went up to camp. We didnít see anything the whole day. So after lunch my uncle tool his four wheeler, and was going to go down to the beaver pond. Like 5 minutes later he came back up. Me and my grandpa were still eating lunch. He said there were three sets of deer tracks, going across the road. He said they were fresh, because he went up the road to eat lunch, and he ate lunch for about 10 minutes. So those deer crossed the road between that 10 minutes. So he went on 1 set of tracks , and my grandpa went on a track, and tracked them.

I stayed near the log road just incase they pushed the deer back across the road, but they didnít. So my grandpa came out of the woods, but my uncle was still tracking. My grandpa said he was going back to camp. I said I was going to sit on the ledges in the woods, because thatís were the deer were headed. So I went in the woods and got to the ledges. After about 5 minute of sitting, I hear bang, then after about a minute. I see something run down the ledges out of the corner of my eye. So I go down the ledge I was on and I looked down. I saw a doe. I watched that for a couple of minutes. Then I saw the deer run down ,and disappear. After a couple of seconds I looked back down and saw 2 deer running up the little ledge way down were I was. I couldnít tell if they had any horns or not. Then I saw my uncle he looked up and saw me.

I went down and talk to him he said he had hit a huge buck, he said it was a bout a 8 or 9 pointer. He said it was bleeding pretty good. So he kept tracking that deer so I went and tracked the deer I saw because the deer he hit went different ways than the ones I saw. So I tracked the deer and after about 5minutes of tracking I looked up and saw 2 deer take off before I could even get a look at them. So by that time It was getting dark so I went and started to head back up at camp. So I got about half way up the ledge and my uncle says to me on the walkie talkie that he just jumped 2 bucks and they were headed my way. Then I hear crack snap pop. I looked over and saw a 8 point buck.

It stopped and looked at me and I pulled up my gun and got the deer in the cross-hairs and pulled the trigger BANG? I have hit it, it ran off. I tolled my Grandpa and my Uncle that I just shot at a big buck. So I racked the blood trail and about 100 yards from where I shot it there it was I couldnít believe it. It was huge must be at least 200 pounds it was a 9pointer. So we dragged it out and loaded it up. Then we brought it down to way it and it weighed 251 pounds. So I showed it off the rest off the night, to my family and friends. I was so happy, and couldnít wait until next year.


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