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Hungry Forevers


Michael D. Petti

I want... you

with the naked seclusion of greed
to dip my hands deeply
in the rich evening of your hair
massage the moments of this unexpected
taste and awareness
of your natural beauty; grasp
the subtle invitation of movements, to
explore wide-open territory of your wet,
unworried desire feel

the stark landscape of your skin,
expose its smooth, unhidden surface
to the moisture of more and more's
plundering well-springs of your discovery
as fingers of brave but gentle determination
spread wide...and far...
saturate, with glimmering enrichment
your fragile, soft terrain, leaving
in their wake, facial trails of scented trust

I be captured
in the illumination of your eyes
plummeted to depths
of mysteries; my mind aglow
in their honest liquid, reflecting a light
to guide me through
your secret spheres, sun
and moon and stars and heaven, swirling,
shining in seductive, celestial intensity
on a heated, glorious land, as yet unknown hold you

within our universe, as you hold me...
for the static second of this stare
where humbling need and thrusting urge
pioneer an elsewhere of understanding
transforming the immediacy of breathless, lusty
gain to the serenity of unrushed arrival...

embrace you in the newly scaled, exotic wilderness of now
explore you beneath the hungry forevers of tongue-tethered skies
call to you atop this pristine, unconquerable summit
both hands to mouth
screaming out "I Want You"
to the echoing everywhere
of the bursting
dew-delivered dawn
of each

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