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Just Because


Michael Faircloth

It is near time for me to travel

A new path will soon open

The kindness of the universe will be my guide

My God will protect me

Many fears have waned away

No more tears need to flow

My soul grows louder

Itsí control I feel

Each new step is easier

Obstacles are fading

Life and death merge

Happiness and sorrow become the same

I am becoming in touch with reality

My eyes see through illusion

Facades of life I now discard





There is no other soul for me to know

We are all from one great soul

Together we make it whole

I know of Gods love

I see it in us all

Hate is loveís denial

It steals away our soul

Keeping it from becoming complete

Softness will be my world

Peace will be my choice

Love will be my way

Life is always

It never ceases to be

Prophets try to teach us

Churches try to train us

Teachers mold us

Families keep us

Life is the same as death

Each a new beginning

Neither an end

My world grows larger

Strength becomes an asset of my soul

Death has lost all control

Friends do not exist

Others do not see

The world does not care

Boxes are where they live

Life is small for them

Love a commodity

Truth a choice

Peace is lost for profit

Death is fear

Friends are easy

Boxes are safe

I would die in a box

My soul would hide in fear

I would be dead in life


I choose no box

A lonely place to be

Millions of boxes around me

None that fit me

I am who I am

Why I do not know

My direction is unclear

My method unknown to me

My goal unseen

My heart true

My soul in charge

My life is life

Just because

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