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My Blue Star


Michael Faircloth

Sitting here with my eyes closed

Sounds of life surround me

Artificial breeze cools my body

Feet relaxing on top my desk

Todayís work for pay complete

Avoidance of scholarly requirements

Dinnerís preparation waits unanswered

Parenting on automatic

Dangerous opportunities for a mind like mine

Should never have this kind of time

Thoughts run every way

Fantasy is where they tend to play

Hidden from light

Unnoticed by others

Closed eyes as I smile

Private images forbidden

Traveling through space

Resting on a blue star

Sending messages on rainbows

Receiving universal love

Flying my way on a craft of light

Rainbow message in hand

Joining my blue star

An undeclared friend

Hidden from the world we know

With our kindred souls

Upon our private star

We discover who we really are

Limits confine us all

Society makes the call

Fakeness lets us act tall

Life simply stalls

Blue star friends are rare

I wonder if this world knows

Many ways I confuse the truth

Protecting reputations I choose

Deeply hidden inside of me

Blue star fantasies

Rainbow friends

Holding a soft hand

A thousand lives I could live on my Blue star

Sharing my soul with special rainbows

Open hearted to travelers on light

Naked without shame and free of blame

Blue star fantasies are a secret

Rainbow friends must hide

Societyís image I must wear

Forced life I live

If a ticket should come my way

Printed on light

Sent by a rainbow

To my blue star I will go

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