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"Thank You"


Michael Faircloth

Gazing into the heavens
Beauty is the vision I see
Filling my world with peace
Taking me to a place where I am free

Miracles found in unexpected ways
Guiding my soul to higher places
I feel my pain subside
Allowing myself time to cry

Freedomís temptation is a long time foe
Attempting to salvage what is left of me
Understanding is an elusive friend
How can such a thing be

Miseryís love is addictive
Growing a pain so strong
Coloring the world, I view
Into sinister grey hues

It is quite easy to loose your path
Forgetting to notice, with all that you are blessed
Seeing only sorrow from unfortunate times
Forcing good things to be noticed last

A great journey I embarked upon
Unplanned, this mission of my soul
Uncovering the reasons I cry
Allowing me to see with true eyes

Just one look into an angelís soul
My world halted by her authority
Questioning all that I believed
Finally seeing all of the sadness that was part of me

Many events of my youth I acknowledged
Much of my truth I found
By allowing myself to see within
I was able to make life my friend

Take value in all that you meet
None, should you underestimate
Influences they will have on your world
Many journeys they will allow you to take

Today I would like to give thanks
As a tear makes itself known
How much I owe my angel
When her eyes kissed my soul

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