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Why Do I ?


Michael Faircloth

In the beginning their was darkness

From the darkness my reality began

So young, so confused

A small child exposed to little good

As lost as a bird born in a cage

Why must life be placed on me

It seems like a such waste

Many deserving bodies other than mine

Divine decisions gone awry

Life should have allowed this baby to die

Against dictates of my destiny

Positive paths I followed

Driven to do good

Untrained just the same

A compass with no needle

Created for purpose yet uncompleted

Good decisions were made

Appropriate behavior displayed

Always on positive paths

Helpful always and hurtful hopefully not

Still trapped in the birth cage

Lost always

Many days past by my cage

Each one different before itís gone

Still no needle to guide me home

This soul perpetually lost

Only I see the cost

Skill of facade I mastered

Adaptable to anyone

Passable as I pleased

Not even once was I ever me

Part of nothing

Living on the edges of life

Educated of religion

Knowledge of faith

Dependable and useful

All from my cage

A needle would show me my way

Illusions of success from a retched past

Others see what they think best

Truth hides deep inside

Just as lost as the day of birth

Every one fooled

Life seems to be cool

A heavenly gift sent my way

Reward for a lifetime of prayer

A needle without directions

Self-knowledge I must gain

Trade for joy and let go of the pain

The cage I crushed

The lost let go

Facades discarded

Sorrow released

A heart open never to close again

My vision unlocked

Truth my desire

Forward my direction

Kindness my goal

My love I find in the form of perfect souls

Divine decisions justified

A smile in my eyes


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