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A Chance


Michele Fritsch

I used to be so active 
In life, my so-called dance,
Yet now I feel I'm burdened
And not given any chance.

A chance to be myself
With no strings holding down,
This smile that somehow seems
To be more or less a frown.

A chance for letting go
Of what I hold inside,
And not to let this MonSter
Keep pushing ME aside.

A chance with no more limits
To feel free once again,
And know the things I do
Won't be things that might have been.

A chance is all I need
Is that too much to ask?
Or am I already forgotten 
And left back in the past?

When I look in the mirror
Each day and see it's me,
I see the bits and pieces
Of things that used to be.

I'm here... can't you see me?
As it tears me all apart,
How you keep on looking 
But You never use your heart.

If given ONE last chance
Then I'd want that one to be,
That YOU see thru this MonSter
And see that I'm STILL ME.

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