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Grace on Ice
(for Michelle Kwan)


Michelle True

Becoming one with the music and ice
she starts slowly, gracefully,
caressing the ice with her movements.

Jumps are effortless, the audience is silent,
anticipating each movement.
Only the music and the
swift, smooth sounds of her skates
on the ice can be heard.

We can scarcely breathe, lest we
break the magic spell
her presence has induced.

Never before has an artist had such perfect
choreography between performance and music.

At an uplifting point in the soundtrack,
we are lost in the moment with her,
spinning around and into the music.

Gliding along with her emotionally and spiritually, long before
her performance is complete,
the audience is on its feet,
cheering and clapping, showing love,
adoration and appreciation for
taking them on an unforgettable ride.

Each performance, each program
is a journey unto itself,
with Michelle and we are
brought into her world to share
in her joy, make it our own.

Determined not to lose artistry
for the sale of athleticism,
to stay ahead of other competitors,
she has bested herself each time out;
her grace and strength continue to grow,
surprising no one.

Whether or not she wins the gold medal,
she always wins the gold that
shines in our hearts for her.

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