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Hair Obsession


Michelle True

It drapes loosely over my shoulders,
down my back
and comes to reset against my hips.

It warms me in the winter
like an old wool blanket.

It seductively brushes against
my lover's thighs when I
sit astride him and cascades
around his face when I lean over
so he can kiss my breasts.

It suffocates me in
the hot, humid summer.

It sometimes gets caught
in doors, seatbelts and just about

It barely fits in the largest
clinch barrette or chignon
when I want it up and
out of the way.

It draws envious stares
from women and
lustful looks from men.

It takes up to twenty minutes
to blow dry straight
and four hours to air dry
and finger fluff
to it's full, wavy glory.

It draws comments from
grocery store cashiers such as
the obvious "your hair is so long!"
or hair salon colorists with
"are you cutting it today?"

The care of my hair does involve
a substantial amount of time and money,
but to quote Heather Locklear in her
L'Oreal Preference commercial,
"I'm worth it!"

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