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There Are Times


Miconna J. Boaldin

There are times when - 
No matter what you do it's never enough
No matter what you say it's never the right stuff
No matter where you go you are always in the wrong place
And no matter what you promise you're never able to keep it.

There are times in our lives when we have to make decisions
Leaps of faith that leads us to our fate

Always controlled by our destiny - whether we like it or not
Whether we agree with it or not
And whether we accept it or not

There are times in our past - 
That we look back on with regret
That we look back on with heartache and despair

Saying to ourselves what if I had done this
What if I had done that?

Could I have changed my destiny?
Did I have control of my life?

Where would I be now if it were all done another way in another time?

What could I have had?
What could I have been?
What could I have done?

To make my life full and free
To make life something important to me
To have the opportunity to see and say what I feel
To have the opportunity to have left my mark or seal

On the world around me
On the people I have known
On the souls that surround me
On the seeds I have sown

These are the times when I reflect upon my life
Seeing the needless things I let cause me grief and strife

These are the times when I must accept my fate
Moving headlong towards the pearly gate

The end to sorrow, regret and heartache.

To at last realize my fate and accept it with grace
To end on a good note in this God forsaken place called Earth.

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