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Life is an Untitled Poem


Minerva T. Bloom

Life, come here to assassinate me!

throw me your cruel blow
right into the center
of my disordered heart cyclone

pound the walls
of my self-inflicted martyrdom

I want you to fling me bloodstained
like that clumsy scarlet woodpecker
that crashed into my window last night

I took on the job of gravedigger with pride
and buried the poor little creature
by a border of credulous plants

I think I even saw his soul
limping haggardly, setting course
towards the great unknown

life... let me not fool you
I'm not changing my original plans
by the sudden moist dream
of colors and wings in the breeze
because I'm telling you:

right now I want everything to do with dying!

let me then keep myself still
let me not give a word
that speaks with emotional tongue

I am not asking you
for empathy or comfort

don't you dare pass me by
and decide to dig your claws
on another's ray of pale light!

I want to remember how to die!!

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