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Mira Minkova

I divided them, I cut, tore them
soul and body. And God,
only he watches. Through the eyes of the others
the body betrayingly walks and
doesn't wipe the face
doesn't stop the flow
doesn't come back.
As if the salty liquid will be engulfed in the mire and
split in some chemical processes
will reach the soul. The soul...
flies. The pulse can be felt in the vague
sheets that are engulfed by the time later.


Only they, people watch:
a body walks, steps that the whole world trembles
from indifference.
"Tell, please tell me! What happened?
Maybe... say, someone...
Did somebody die?" - Not that much, not that someone.
Only life died, the Whole was broken.
The body...
Maybe some day it will flow together with tears
and be engulfed by the mire, until some physical processes
don't bring it back to the soul.


I divided them, God, I cut, tore them...
Forgive, please, forgive me that I started
what can never be finished,
I sinned. Forgive, God, that I loved this
that belongs only to You.
To You, and the whole world.


Go, love, your happiness
is there somewhere,
is more important than all tears,
is more important than all crooked truths...
You belong to the world, it
belongs to you!
Never be uncertain,
never be lonely,
I vow you!
Just remember that
I will ever be as you will come back
to see me, the same...
the most loving.


For your freedom you fight!
Come back when you are strong.

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