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Mira Minkova

And maybe this is all a stupid coincidence:
that he is passing there exactly,
next to the Jumaya,
that he is alone
that he is walking through the rain
as the messiah through the water:
lighter than a prayer, heavier than the temple!
I had often lost faith
in devil and in life
but in you - never!
Sometimes I ask myself
wheather it is scarier to have no faith at all
than to believe in the devil?
Wheather is it scarier not to believe that there is love, than
to believe that you can live fine alone!
I had often lost faith in my men
but in my love - never!

And maybe it is only strange coincidence,
that he is passing right infront of me
and bowing his eyes to the women
that are still walking round the streets
with their sagging arms and tired lungs
before their next day in a row goes away...
Immemorial as angel.
Pierced by the unbelief in their eyes.
And how many such days
have been killed? But he is walking.
And maybe he is asking himself the same.

And let it be just a coincidence
that he is walking on the frontier of religion -
in front of the Jumaya, between Allah and God!
Maybe one of them
still believes in him!

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