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When The World Twirls All In A Hush


Myrna I. Hernandez

The loneliness inside me screams so deep
In this lone body a baby sleeps
visions of newborns dance in my head
the happiness I hope lies ahead

He lays with another while I'm all alone
A baby inside me his all along
I wonder in a daze to answers I seek
But this warrior will ride his horse to the peak

All around me the world hums
but I live lonely 
because he won't come home
So I carry on in a world all alone

Water that make you dizzy
and snow piled so high
green leaves that grow tall 
to the heavenly sky

A brown horse in wrapper 
could that be all
I almost lost my baby 
on the bed I groaned

He says lets get married
and I laugh with glee
I say okay and to the heavens I pray
My baby is happy but just for today

The night before the wedding I prepare all alone
better get used to it, this is my home
I remember in darkness that lonely day
as I hung the white decorations all alone
swollen with baby on the way

His momma said, "Marry her"
"The baby will be a bastard"
Little did I know 
this was a disaster

Such meanness I never had known
was about to befall me in my new bride's home
for this is the house I shared all alone
a house full of people 
but I'm all alone

My baby was born two months down the way
a beautiful girl with an angel's face
she looked like her father with her mother's ways
this baby was born in a lonely place

Never would this baby get the chance 
to live in a happy home
for daddy was out now , forever and a day
and loneliness would take mommy away

The years slipped by
and mommy made a vow
to honor and obey 
and that would kill mommy alive one day

We bought a new house 
we were on our way
his mistress was gone
and now he would trade
his whore for an addiction
it was here to stay

Upstairs was the truth 
and mommy was now sick
she lived in darkness 
while her lover played tricks

A weird smell in the air and 
the baby was out
I wanted to rip my lonely heart out
and then in the distance
I heard his cousin say
hey girl come join us
now the girl was dead

The wife of an addicted man
addiction it had its own little plan
for when you stay in the chemical land
no one reaches out to lend you a hand

His family defended him no matter the cost
and they danced his dance
a man that was broken
and lived in a trance

She is the culprit 
Oh don't you see
no matter what goes wrong 
she must be strong

Once a vibrant women capable and strong
she is the reason for all your wrongs
now battered and scared
with a grown daughter preparing her bars

The chains was not broken
for mommy was not strong
the vibrant young lady is on her way
to learn what mommy learned 
two decades, two year a month and a day

The life can be cruel
when ruled by men 
that play their wives dirty
and always pretend
that you are at fault 
no matter what happens
and no matter when

a world created dark and lonely
spinning round and round
another baby born in broken town
for when we don't heed the sound of the lush
we enter into a chemical rush

That twirls and whirls 
in black and white
from darkness to morning 
and all through the night
the lonely sound of the chemical hush..!!

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