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Am I


Nancy Brar

I am a fish,
Lost in a red sea,
swimming with fluid grace,
on the ocean floor,
sand dancing around me,
Up and Up, effortlessly I soar

I am a white cloud,
changing shape in a blue sky,
holding the weather inside me,
an endless sign of time,
Around the world I circle

I am a line of words,
A message to all,
Written in black ink on a blank sheet,
Read aloud,
The world, I aid with my wisdom

I am a tall tree,
Aging with hard years,
Scarred, but still standing,
A shelter full of security,
I climb to the sky

I am an amusement ride ticket,
A shadow of the ride,
Confirmation and truth I cannot hide,
A promise of the extraordinary,
I lie nestled in his pocket

I am a river,
A resource to all,
Always rushing with rapids,
Strength emanates from my movements,
Down and Up I flow

I am human,
A creature of mistakes,
Dominating the world with my undertakes,
Striving for the better,
Holding out for change,
I walk along paths of the earth

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