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Nancy Brar

Darkness fluttered,

Feathers of a wingless bird,

Truth falling on burdened shoulders,

Scarred childhoods,

Reminiscences of forevers,

That ended before beginning,

Soft footsteps falling,

On hard unyielding earth,

Then rushes of cold,

Touching and caressing,

Bloodied flesh torn open,

Wounds left unhealed,

Unspoken of words,

Mindless of thought,

Heedless of warnings,

Mingled with falsetto sweet,

Hungry hearts aching,

For penance of Gods,

Who live without existence,

Laws broken,

With sharp jagged vengeance,

That stabs inside,

Living without living,

Falling into an abyss,

Of endless storm,

Desert of life,

Skeletons decaying into dusts,

Hopelessness swimming in tears,

Shed too late of late,

Penetrating eyes,

Unquestioning stares,

Whispers of winds,

Criers of cry,

Stifled emotions,

Swallowed back by wills,

Of things,

Not understood at, in, with, who,


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