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Together: September 11


Nancy Brar

I close my eyes, to drown out the screams,
The images of the tall flames swallowing the towers,
Taking with them the souls of the innocent,
The TV blares on, relentlessly ignoring my silent tears,
I wrap my arms around myself, acknowledging,
That so many had left this world for the thirst of blood,
Blood swimming in rivers and burning into ash, useless black ash.

And the sky was blanketed in black smog,
Rising from the dancing flames, dancing on top of the wind,
Piles of concrete crumbling down, an empire destroyed, people killed,
And some gave in voluntarily in a name of belief left unnamed,
But others for the cowardice revenge, only hurting others, could cure,
Extending power and control over lives that shouldn't have been taken,
Terrorism marring the beauty of a now dead humanity, gone inhumane.

Sirens ringing loud, men and women watching in horror on nearby streets,
As another plane followed the first, hate lining every action made,
But bravery shown in different colors, knowing death was near,
Courageously fighting against the destination, fighting their own fears,
Determined to protect others from the death that would mark their end,
Heroes sparkling in every man and woman.

For their goal to break the world into millions of pieces,
Fell short and only brought out the best of us,
Compassion, courage, honor, valour, determination,
Seas of strength holding us together,
Standing together as a people with the same beliefs,
Standing against murder... standing against terrorism...

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