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Gave a run


Naresh Sonee

Once on road a male Naresh Sonee was furiously acting funny,
To catch hold of someone, he was continuously running,

People were desperate to know why he was doing such task?
So the curious astonished people stopped him, and ask -

'Why the hell you are so urgently running ?',
In a busy crowded street, flying like a bee, murmuring-n- humming ,

Former runner tries hard to escape from the latter, kept him dodging,
Latter was further questioned by peoples, who were crossing-n-passing-,

' What's this ? What has went wrong ? '
' You both are goggling as ball ping-pong?'

The people tried to stop Naresh Sonee , about hundred they gathered,
'Is the one to whom after you are running robber else murderer ?',

'Had he fingered or flirt your girl , wife, sister, mother or daughter ?'
' Rather had kidnapped your child, brother, uncle, aunt or grand father ?'

Naresh Sonee in fury , still hurried to catch the former,
Replied running-n-haste ,' No, He is not any, but a cheater',

The onlookers demanded -
' Had the former runner cheated some dollars-n-coin ?'
Naresh Sonee replied-
'No, I have listened to all of his poems, he is not listening mine'

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