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He never had fun like us


Naresh Sonee

Entire globe is still at guess
Who was this being without fuss?

A name which had reached every house,
A name when read , sun-n-planet pause,

A single person frenzied the mass,
When he went , we realized the loss,

Came out, without publicity-n-press,
Was not a king, not a prince, celebrity less,

A name that enemy takes and get self defeat,
A name that pumps-n-protect every heart's beat,

A ray of hope for every big-n-small human being
The name if read, even handicaps swing-n-sing,

Let me just try to recollect , remember this fellow name .....
Was an actor? minister? tycoon? or played some sports game?

Was he name of the father ? name of the son?
A person never entertained, never had a fun,

A young complete man never attempted sex once,
Females were all his sisters, no single offence,

Ghost says he never fought , was a coward,
When they hit him hard , he just bow-n-nod,

'God forgive them' , uttered his head-n-heart,
Devils 'skin' appeared human , but 'sense' rot,

Never knew to repel , was not rich-n-royal to dwell?
He lifted his heavy death, time-n-again he fell,

A man in herd , was unheard then,
The only man who suffered pain again,

Sacrificed life for us ,a lonely Shepard,
No body knew , he was son of universal God,

Did all, For whose gain ? For Self ? or For us ?
A man who gave his life, Is His loss ? or ours?

A man of non-violence, a man of absolute sense,
Visions of far slightness, required no telescope-lens,

Carried No sword , No bows, No tanks , No bombs, No gun ,
No terror , Only harmony , A one man army , A mother's son,

A Non-Violent army targeted a mission , which aimed peace,
Fearless army when spoke, Envy Stars were compelled to peep,

Was he name of any father ? or name of any son ?
A Holy Spirit, planets-n-moons loved him stars-n-sun,


Adorable being of mass, people still pray-n-greet,
A humble, noble fellow, The honorable Holy Spirit,


The cruel ghosts nailed, hanged this child of God,
Sun-n-Planet-n-stars wept, Cried every Angel-n-Lord,


Did he dressed expensive ? or stayed lavish ?
Did he lived with ego ? or did no rubbish ?


Was he dignified decent or selfish ?
Did he lived for himself or our wish ?


Lifted the cross of tonnes without fuss,
He got thorned , crucified-n-nailed for us,


In globe, you and me fight with so many fuss,
In a rude competion , No body need less, guess


No body need progressive peace,
No body wish to loose-n-leave,


Envy, anger, enmity , no one pause,
Greed, grudge, gaud, everyone cause,


Still when one pray-n-confess , He removes all curse,
Yes 'One -n-Only' , Spirit , A God of 'Right' - My Jesus,

I love you - You are for us - Jesus

Naresh Sonee

(Composed on 12. 00 am to 1. 00 am ,7 April 2005 , Midnight )
Up graded-n-Edited on 8 April - 1.15 -to 1.45 pm afternoon .

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