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The Woman Slapped Him


Naresh Sonee

Naresh Sonee an Indian poet went to London,
Found a Literary Agent who made his enough fun,

Agent says ' Poet are fool , I believe you too are freezed and cool'
' I allow only fiction, But if you nut offer the same, I can never pull',

Naresh Sonee goes disheart, he had no pound to fly back and part,
Except scribbling poems and giggling , Naresh Sonee had no other art

Late evening Naresh Sonee was invited by a friend to casual party,
He was caution to behave decent civilized not at all appear naughty,

Naresh Sonee like a Bean feared, So the friend alerted 'Do behave natural'
'If any body ask you , You just speak 'hello' may be young old ,boy or girl,

A young girl pass Naresh Sonee giggles and say- 'Hello'
The blond give joint remarks and greet in reply 'Halllou'

Naresh Sonee pause and say 'I am Sonee , what about you?'
Fair lady reply 'I think you are from alien country certainly new'

Naresh Sonee remarks 'You look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful ,
Are you married?'
The young girl says ' Nove' (No)
Naresh Sonee pause, next question , He add-
'How many children you have?'

The lady look ridiculous , stunned awkward and turns blank-
She immediately quits , But now on other lady Naresh Sonee bank,

However, the dreamy poet quickly realized -His mind rang,
Some or other way his tongue is speaking in haste and wrong,

Luckily soon his friend introduces him with some other lady,
She was also chatting, smiling , having drinks with some buddy,

Naresh Sonee highly caution with conscious again say 'Hallaou'
The lady smiles and nod and with courtesy spells 'Halllau'

Naresh Sonee sophistically ask 'How many children you have?'
The lady shrug her shoulders and smilingly says 'Faive' (five)

The next rejoinder of Naresh Sonee , he add

' Young lady -Are you married? '

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