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If You Were An Angel


Neil Bridgens

If you were an angel with colourful eyes
I'd be in the forest to lay my surprise,
a basket of fruit
a blanket to fold
the rainbow has colours and you are the gold.

If you were a gnome and smiling all day
I'd be in the garden behind the sun's ray,
I'd block out the sunlight
I'd stave off the rain
I'll build up a fire and make you the flame.

If you were a gypsy with earrings and rings
I'd be on a pony to supply you with things,
things that are handsome
things that are strong
things that are precious and last long.

If you were a traveller and feeling alone
I'd make a small clearing and build you a home,
the walls made from rubies
the roof it won't leak
the windows crystal, doorframes teak.

If you were a maiden with a face so fine
I'd be a magician and make you all mine,
I'd brew up a potion
I'd conjure up a spell
I've seen the future and all will be well.

If you were gail ridley and I, neil
would you find it inside you to show how you feel,
would you slide down the window
would you strike up a flame
would you care for my pony who's hind leg is lame.

Would you read all the tea leaves
would you shine up the teak
would you grow in the garden
a turnip, a leek.

If you were an angel from heaven above
I'd steal me a rocket to bring you my love,
and there in the heavens I'd build you a place
with a ceiling of plaster
curtains of lace.

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