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I'm in Awe


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

There's something in the air tonight
I can feel it as I sit here on my balcony
Staring off into the dark, speckled horizon
Thinking about you

I don't know what to think, though
No one's ever treated me this way
You put me on a pedestal --
Make me feel like a bright shining star

You're very different than all the others
Though I'm not sure exactly why
I find myself imagining the rest of my life
And that I'd love to share it with you

I can actually see us together
Even though it may sound strange
I can almost feel your presence
And the sensation sort of frightens me

You're the first to have this grasp on me
The sound of your voice is stuck in my head
The look in your eyes is embedded on my mind
And there's a strange, unfamiliar warmth in my heart

I think I like this mysterious new ground --
Yet it scares me just the same
Never have I had the chance to travel here
I fear I will get lost and push you away

I'll wait for your next move
To see where you want us to go
Forgive me for locking my heart away
But it fears pain more than it longs for love

I try to think about something else
As a speck of light goes dim in the distance
But I suddenly find myself wishing
You were here, just sitting with me

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