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Nicole Higginbotham

secured not shared
and when all is bared
there's still some there
left to share
for fear itself
coats our lives
and in that bed
fear resides
and the pillow
meets her head
me on top
I see but dread
for our bodies
long and lost
are always stopped
at some cost
and my knowledge
of her skin
is barred but "no's"
smothering it
and her weakness
is her past
raped of courage
and of all that lasts
and settling down
with one who
is worse
she hungered for
forbidden thirst
and when her lips
met within
she tasted for once
the sweetest skin
and as their hearts
beating fast
they knew at once
with work
it could last
but there upon that still white bed
lies the past
and all she dreads
for the memories
that haunt her fears
throw her off
when they come near
so magnetic to the touch
the barriers prevent this much
and to only love without connect
her lover's gasp she can't errect
and touch as she may
she's always stopped
by her lover's fear
of that spot
and the past
that haunts both now
a shadowed future
of who knows how
and when that pillow
meets her head
all is silent
provoked by dread

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