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Nicole Parreira

Looking over the last few years Erika finds the courage do what she knows she has too. She walks up to Michael, the boy with the amazing green eyes and the blonde curls she adores to make an ending to her sad love story. She knows the years were worth it as she looks at him, all the times she worked so hard for his attention. Sometimes even trying to contain her amazing personality just to please him. All sheís ever wanted is him. He smiles at her but it quickly fades as he sees the look on her face. She looks at him and begins to let her heart speak for once.

"All Iíve ever wanted is to have you. But I guess Iím never gonna be good enough for you, Iím tired of trying this hard to just have you break my heart over and over. I canít pretend Iím all right,"

She looks at his athletic arm drop the backpack from his shoulders as she fights to hold back her tears. But itís all too much for her. "Iím sorry I canít be perfect" she mutters before turning around to walk away.

She knows nothing can change the way she feels for him and nothing is ever going to be the same. It will be hard to even talk to him and his image of her has changed. But as the story ends she realizes that she doesnít want to be perfect for him.

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