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Don't Cry Without Me


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

(for my friend, b. h.)

i see the pain you harbor in your eyes
you smile, but i know inside you're crying
i want to embrace you and hold you
let you cry and cry until all the tears are gone
i wish i could take away your pain
and erase that hellish day from our pasts
others may blame you
you may blame you, too
but we, your truest friends, will not
i would give anything to stop your heart from hurting
nothing you could have done would have changed fate
you hate that you're alive and they are not
do you know how very glad we are that you are here?
God spared you for a reason
and i think i've got it, now...
you survived to tell your story--
you're now wise beyond your years--
to save the lives of the others yet to come
God needs you for that
even though, right now, it seems He's deserted you
but He really has a plan for you
it's okay to be angry
go ahead--scream your head off if it helps
God never promised we'd like every decision He'd make
He just promised to do what is best for us
and we shouldn't try to understand
i know you've heard a million times that He hasn't deserted you
and you can't stand to hear it again
but... how else could a shoelace save you?
no, it isn't fair at all... though we have to accept things the way they
it's not easy, i can't imagine your suffering
i just know i ache when i see you grieve
when you gaze into the air, i can see the images in your head
playing over and over, haunting you,
forcing you to remember
come here, my friend, i'll hold you
i won't tell anyone if you cry
i won't tell you what you don't want to hear
i won't hold anything against you
but i will be here if you need to talk
i don't know why our paths have crossed
but we've become family for a reason
i don't want you to cry alone
you don't need to speak
or explain anything to me
just know i'm here
i'm not going anywhere
that's my promise to you
there's a place for you in my heart
you've left an imprint on my soul
and in a way you've changed my life

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