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Dormant Wings to Stretch


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

I look at you often and my mind starts to wonder
I think about things I might ask you someday
But for now the butterflies fluttering keep me blushing
Not that I mind - the sensation is a sign of love's beginning

Would you walk with me, down the street, holding my hand -
Holding a simple conversation, or not even talking at all?
Would you just love to be there with me, would nothing else matter?
Would you walk into the room and look at me first,
And kiss me or touch my arm before noticing anyone else?

Would you call me late at night, just because, at that moment,
You miss me and yearn to hear the sound of my voice?
Would you hold me if I start to fall apart, and show me
You're there for me, to dry my tears and ease my pain?

Would you, just out of the blue, turn and tell me you love me,
Looking at me with a glisten only meant for our eyes and our hearts?
Will you think me cute and adorable when I spontaneously kiss you on the cheek
Or even right on the lips, no matter where we are, just because I have the urge?

Will you lean closer to me while we're watching a movie at my house or yours,
Just to sniff my hair and nuzzle your nose in the nape of my neck?
Will you watch me while I sleep, occasionally caressing my face ever so gently
And whisper sweet, passionate things to me as I lie there, dreaming of us?

Will you love to wake up next to me, and just lie there,
Long after the sleep has left us,
Cuddling with me in the comfort of the bed,
With the whole world locked outside the door?

Will you let me love you, with all my heart and all my soul,
Everything I have to give you,
And love me back,
For everything I am and want to be?

Love is bliss; love is passion; love is pain - all wrapped up into one
Love is anticipation; love is fluttering sensations;
Love is the ultimate reward

I don't need to be near you to disturb the sleeping butterflies in my tummy
All it takes is thoughts of your voice, your words, your smile, your sweet face...
They've been dormant for so long
Now they can finally stretch their wings...

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