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Nicole Starleigh Yeager

we're standing on the beach at three in the morning
you and me
listening to the waves gently crash against the shore
as they reach for us
straining for the something that's sparking between us
you think they're jealous?
i think they might be
we came out here for the hell of it
but now i'm glad we did
we're not alone here
but there's no one close by
i see a little light flash far down the shoreline
as someone walks toward us
they can't see us here
it's sort of romantic
you walk over to me and pull me into your body
resting your chin on the top of my head
i wrap my arms around you
and lay my head upon your chest
no words
no interruptions
just your heartbeat
just you and me on the sand
my heartbeat matching yours
under a star studded sky; by a sea that goes on into the night
you make me feel free
i lift my head and look into your eyes
as your hands gently and passionately caress my tingling back
caught up in your gaze, i just want to kiss you
but then i realize
we aren't quite ready for that
we're both still a little unsure of where we're going
so i don't
and i know you understand
as we turn to walk back
you hold your hand out to take mine, and pull me close to you
no one's ever held my hand before
or not tried to take advantage of me when they had the chance
do you realize what that means to me?
it means i'll do whatever i can to capture your heart

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