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Let Me Go Alone


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

These days I feel so tired
All I want to do is sleep
But I know I must continue
This facade I must keep

Something peculiar is calling me
From far, far away
I'm more tempted to follow it
With every agonizing day

Where happiness was once bountiful
Is now cold, barren and bare
And the road I see ahead of me
Is leading me nowhere

I need to walk alone
I'm strong enough for that
It is better you don't know
Where I'm going or where I'm at

I don't know what to look for
Or which path I should choose
It all must take some careful thought
I have too much to lose

I mean to cause no pain to you
But I must pull myself away
My heart's been hurt too many times
And it feels safe this way

I am no stranger to this land
And it remembers me
It only exists to trap me here
Where my soul cannot be free

I don't know if things will change
Or if I should return
I need you to let go of me
No matter how the tears may burn

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