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Love Changes Everything


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

once my mornings were just mornings
the birds made too much noise
and the sun was blinding
or the sky was just gray
with aggravating raindrops falling

the afternoons were nothing
a place on the couch in front of the TV
or hard at work in the office
with a wandering mind accompanying
complete boredom and frustration

the evenings were routine
dinner was dinner
the cat was rambunctious
the kids needed to shuttup
and i couldn't wait until their bedtime

the nights were lonely
i would lie awake and stare
glowing stickers on the ceiling fading away
wondering what i had done wrong
to be doomed to a life alone

and then one night, we all went out
but you weren't there
and i missed your presence
and i realized then
maybe i wanted more from you

i didn't tell a soul at first
i was scared
and if you didn't know
then i was safe
there was no way i would be hurt

in the mornings i would wake
to challenge the world
under a sky so blue
with the sun shining warm
or the raindrops soothing

afternoons seemed endless
my stomach filled with butterflies
each time i thought of you
my thoughts were filled with happiness
that only i would know

evenings were exciting
you came around more, now
you always made me smile
though i never knew exactly why
everything about you was just amazing

nights were tranquil, lying next to you
i would watch your peaceful face
as you slept and dreamed
having you close to me
was the best thing in the world

you've known for awhile, now
and have handled it well
i admire you for that
but i am getting scared
and i'll protect myself from pain

how is it when i try to forget you
you are on my mind more than ever
i miss your company
i miss your eyes
but i'm so scared

the game has begun
but i don't want to play anymore
you can't
lose if you don't play
so i'll just sit here on the sidelines
and watch the game go on with someone else...

maybe one day you will come to me
but for now my mornings are just mornings
with a little hint of hope
and the sun is blinding and warm
and the rain is aggravating and soothing

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