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Tomorrow Will Tell


Nicole Starleigh Yeager

I'm sitting here, a little scared . . .
My eyes opened up to something new
A few days ago, you changed my mind
I think I've learned a thing or two

I'd given up on finding love
Locked my heart - decided to play
Content with just a little fun
Now I wonder what I should say

Somehow, you touched me deep inside
Now I don't know which building's mine -
I don't even know what day it is . . .
Can't seem to keep my thoughts in line . . .

As good as all these feelings are,
There's something weighing down on me
A good friend, I feel, I have betrayed
Yet, through the guilt, it's you I see

So I searched for rhyme and reason -
Why this must come with such a price
I know that now I must make a choice -
Which treasure do I sacrifice??

On one hand rests ev'ry moral
And the unwanted cause of pain
On the other - a wonderful chance;
A dance in love's sweet, gentle rain

Though I know not what awaits me
I think it's worth what lies at stake
Even if I'm alone in the end
And even if my heart should break . . .

Tonight I have made up my mind
Hoping you'll care for me as well
A heart that won't stretch its wings, won't fly
What fate holds, tomorrow will tell.

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