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Two Poems


Noel Hewitt

''Just for the Moment''

'If only for the moment-just to hold you near.'
'If only for the moment-to look into your sparkling eye's-when you see me.'
'If only for the moment-just to hear the chuckle in your laughter.
'If only for the moment-to see you happy and care free.'

'If only for the moment-just to feel your Love warm me-so deep.'
'If only for the moment-to have you wipe my tears as I weep.
'If only for the moment-to feel my body tingle when we touch.'
'Oh Lord-If only for the moment these little things, mean so very much-

''IF only For the moment -they mean so much to Me''

''Lonely Souls''

'Two lonely souls ache to share there Love.'
'Two lonely souls going insane-with the Love- that they share.'
'Two lonely souls-lost in the darkness of life's unfairness.'
'Two lonely souls-always-wishing-the other was there beside them.'

'Two lonely souls-knowing how much the other one cares.'
'Two lonely souls-discussed with life- the life that's been dealt them.'
'Two lonely souls-longing to be with the one they Love and the Love-that they share.'
'Two lonely souls-wondering when and where-they will see the other again.'

''TWO LONELY SOULS-SO I N LOVE-Yet alone and lonely.''

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