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Cricket's Revenge


R. L. Walker

A Poem…for “The Little People”

If you’ve never tickled the feet,
Of a Cricket asleep,
While the grass is still wet with dew,
What fun there is waiting for you!

There is a problem, however,
Crickets rarely,…if ever,
Allow this to happen for free.
So, Beware!…(a warning from me.)

To tickle his feet,
While a Cricket’s asleep,
Is considered mean, and unfair.
So know this promise he’ll keep,
Should you tickle his feet,
Mr. Cricket will charge you full fare. 

Kneel down on your lawn,
At the first crack of Dawn,
Gently spreading the blades of grass.
Then quietly peek, way down deep,
See “Cricket,” at his morning tasks.

In a moment he’ll chirp,
(For him it’s a burp,)
Having eaten his meal…of a fly.
Then with a quick little spurt,
He’ll kick up some dirt,
As he scoots to a dew-drop nearby.

He’ll drink half a drop,
Do a back-flip and flop,
Landing flat on his back, fast asleep.
This is exactly the time,
To commit the horrible crime:
Of tickling, Cricket’s six feet!

Now, because it’s such fun,
You may think you have won,
But I promise…Cricket ain’t through,
Now he’ll get even with you.

When you tickle the feet,
Of a Cricket at sleep,
The penalty’s high…you will find.
He’ll follow you home,
Find a good place to hide,
And “Chirp” you…Right Out Of Your Mind!

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